A Series of dimensions - (Bruce Atkinson)

This gallery includes 10 surreal works of art from Wolfgang Lettl's "Grey Series" oil paintings (1985-88). Lettl's concept was to use a painted space that looks like a grey box with a painted piece of paper stuck to the back of the box. Mr. Lettl shows great unity in all of his work as all of his 26 paintings in this "Grey Series" carry the same grey box in them. This grey box shows great work with space and creating three dimensional space and sometimes blending the two depicted dimensions into one giving a very surreal feel. 

This painting looks to be of 4 donkeys riding on 4 male humans backs. On the Grey box ledge lies a pack of cigarettes. There is basic play with surrealism as donkeys are usually the ones under the humans. The artist does well creating emphasis on the donkey and humans as the foreground of their dimension is lit very well and the background is a very contrasting black.
This painting displays 5 men which look to be playing tug of war but what they're tugging against is Lettl's play with space to add Surrealism. The rope they are tugging is tied to the wall of the grey frame. The artist related the title of The Philosophers with a lightbulb in the foreground as philosophers are always thinking hence the "Light bulb idea" saying.
There is a hammer in the foreground on the grey box ledge. Looking into the background you can see what looks like the surface of water with the top of a ferris wheel Peeking out of the top. The ferris wheel is still full of people. In all of the grey series Lettl does well creating emphasis with his use of light and color to create a vignette around the "painted picture" in the back.
The Drinker really stood out to me as the title and objects in the painting all have a correlation which is hard to come by in most of Grey Series paintings. The glass on the frame, the bottle in the background, and the title all have a relation with drinking. Along with the bottle of alcohol is in the background there is a stack of newspapers. There is great play with lines to show how light refracts through the crystal glass texture revealing the "painted picture" behind it.
Prometheus shows a stone looking figure in the background with a broken chest as the bird in front of him seems to be flying out of him. The axe head on the grey ledge is missing it's handle. Wolfgang likes to surprise us with his compositions. Sometimes the still life and painted picture have correlation and sometimes they don't. It is up to the viewer on how they depict the painting.
Lilofee stood out to me because of the concept of what is going on in the painting. It appears someone catching a fish with a bamboo rod with a net from outside of the grey box, the rod leaves the painting and out of the frame so it looks like there is sticking their pole inside the painting. The tin of Nivea lies on the ledge of the grey box which has no apparent relation to the rest of the composition.
This seasonal painting titled Winter shows a snowy scene of a half fallen fence leading into an unseen distance with two wagon wheels that may be holding a cannon of some sort. On the ledge in the foreground there is teapot. Lettl's use of line is shocking when you find the spout of the pot bend and enter the painted picture in the background. This subtle surrealism makes you double take on what is actually happening in the painting.
In "The Third Act" there are 3 chairs with 1 that has fallen over. In the foreground there are two arms that seem to be reaching toward each other. These arms show movement in their fingers as they both try to grab the other. Them arm on the left in front of the fallen chair has shattered pieces laying on the same ledge with sharp ends left at the end of it. There is use of implied line as the arm on the left seems to disappear into the background shadows.
In the background of Venere Sipotina lies Lettl's wife nude. Under her seems to be a red colored blanket or towel. On the grey ledge sits 7 clothespins. As the rest of Wolfgang's compositions, the meaning behind this one is revealed. Wolfgang Lettl states "Having your own wife for a model is ideal, she is always available, and if something is missing in a painting, you can always have your wife lying there, she always looks good. With time you get to know her by heart, so you don’t need a model at all anymore, or very rarely for some detail. Clothespins, too, are always available to me, but although they have beautiful colours and lie still so nicely, they cannot compete with my Venus." (Lettl)
There are two men standing at the top of a bridge that is in the middle of water. The men are pointing a gun at each other. On the grey ledge is a pistol and four coins. Lettl wrote about this painting.. "In the infinite vastness of the sea of possibilities there is a bridge. Someone wants to go up.At the top he meets someone. He recognizes that the rival is himself – and challenges himself to a duel." (Lettl)
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