Through the Blowing Rain

Nature is the earth’s way of expressing itself. All throughout time, there are many themes and ideas that can be found in it for art to be created, all in an artist’s own style. It’s a muse; a drive for creative expression. From this, artists and viewers alike can enjoy what it has to offer. Behind this exhibition is the theme ‘Through the Blowing Rain’, or in short, Wind and Rain. It speaks of a story of how rain progresses through emotions, colour, and passion, all shown through various types of art displayed in the following slides. It is a journey through the rain, or as some may interpret, the hardships and struggles of the earth letting it out through tears.

The artworks featured in this exhibition are all linked despite their different histories as they all harbour a significant reference to either rain or wind, possibly even both, whether it’s in the name, or in its physical aspects. Despite the different art styles and techniques including paintings and photography, this large array of artworks is able to fit into this one theme. Through the structural and subjective frames of the artworks, this exhibition helps responders elaborate on what they personally think as they view these artworks, and to formulate what they think the big idea of rain and wind can be.

All of these artworks are arranged in a way that the viewer can see the journey from a different perspective, and to see how the mood and atmosphere changes as the weather evolves from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, it tells viewers a story of progression and development, from dull and monotonous, to bright and colourful. 

This artwork incorporates aspects of the cultural frame.
This artwork holds features of the structural frame.
This artwork is comprised of the postmodern frame.
This artwork compromises of the subjective frame.
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