Japanese Art

The reason why I choose Japanese art for my exhibition theme is for three reasons tattoo art didn't work out and Japanese art interests me.

This woodblock print shows two well dressed people socializing by the edge of a bay. Created by Toyohara Kunichika, Japan, October 1863. I have chosen because of its unique details and designs.
Next, is "Genji Crossing the Oi River" created by Utagawa Yoshitora in 1862. Almost the same as last one except this one is based on the novel "The Tale of Genji" and based on the primary character Prince Genji.
Then there is "Mt. Penglai (Mountain of Immortals)" done in 1948 date unknown by Yokoyama Taikan. This basically shows Japan as an enchanted and peaceful environment.
"Dam Wolf Howling at the Moon" by Hashimoto Gaho done back in 1899. Gaho leard painting from his father, Osakuni Hashimoto. By the time he was twelve he began studying under Tadanobu Shosenin Kano.
"Study of Pink Hollyhocks in Sunlight, from Nature" done in 1879 by John La Farge.La Farge painted this as part of a large group of watercolors which represents medium.
This artifact was made in the 19th century by Namikawa Yasuyuki not a lot of detail on this but the medium is Cloisonné with silver wire and silver mounts and silver body.
Very little is known about this artifact but it is called "Sculpted Vase in the Form of a Horse on a Land..." It is believed that it was made sometime in the 19th century.
And Finally, similar to the previous artifact this one is also missing important info such as artist name and details about it. I have chosen this because I like the details and design.
Credits: All media
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