Italian Talking Vases - Jean Pierre Irizarry

History of the early times, before Christ, is hard to find. At this periods writing was a luxury and many stories where left behind. Vases where created and painted with stories that had pass in a time frame close to the artists. Thanks to those painters we can learn from the history of Italy between the 500 BC and the 275 BC.

Here you can see how there was a women lift up and being served. Only one man is seeing at the bottom of the artwork with a spear. The women on this image are very important because of eight persons only one is a man. This express how this man was in the service of protection and the other women where serving and making company to her.
It is very interesting this unusual vase. It has a man's head shape at the bottom of it and a scene of two persons in a form of sacrificing a lamb. They have used the entire vase to create this interesting story from the 480 BC.
This vase shows the unity between the animal and the human. On this era this creatures where part of the civilizations. The horse could have been a method of transportation towards different places or wars. They may have take good care of the horses as it shows on this scene portrait on this vase.
On this very peculiar vase you could see two scenarios. One of this scenarios, on the upper part of the vase, starts with a line with several mens playing instruments and walking to the right. On the second scene you can see a struggle between men and women, the difference of others scenes is that the women have control of the situation by having weapons on their hands.
Two scenes shown one on top of the other, and could be seen as an effect of the other one. On the first one you can be witness of a fierce war between men fighting along each other. At the second part a man on a throne is being held up and given offerings by many people.
This particular vase is covered on the inside, having a round base for one of the images and one image at the center of it. The one on the border is a fight between men that use different things to have as weapons. The second scene is a man on a horse being moved by another man.
This tall vase creates an image on the top side of it. It involves five men that are like taking a bath and talking to each other. Their clothes are very particular of the hi class of those times. There is one of this men on the center that is in an upper scale than the others to create importance and recognition between them.
The image revealed on this vase is very vague but has many ways to see it. On one side you could see a domestication of a horse between three people, or on the other perspective, you could see a attack from an intruder that is on the middle and both persons on the sides attacking him.
This center piece artwork is a violent one. It shows a fight between two women. One of them has an axe making a throw to the other woman. The second has a defensive posture with no weapon.
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