This gallery shows beautiful, vibrant, colorful and eye-catching pieces of art.

This is a graffiti art of a lizard, or maybe even a dragon-like creature. This reflects my theme because of the bright colors. The bright mix of blue, green, and yellow/orange makes the lizard pop.
A flower on top of horizontal lines. This reflects the theme because the colors of the flower and the lines are very bright. The way the vibrant colors swirl in the flower made it stand out to me.
This is a wall art of cartoon characters. The characters consist of a bright mixing of different colors. The vibrance of these colors and characters make the wall appealing to people walking by.
This is a wall painting of a head. The head is made up of short, curved trails of bright pastel-like colors. The choice of colors makes it hard to resist following the trails of colors with your eyes.
Stain glass type art. The art uses bright blue and pink/red colors. The red square is behind a blue circle, and on top of the circle, the red color stands over the blue to make the word "dumb"
Multicolor targets shooting targets. The pop-art style uses multiple colors to make the targets, as well as the background, pop and eye catching. The colors compliment each other and make it vibrant.
This is an abstract art. The bright colors are used to make an object in the middle, which looks like a face. The specific colors used make up certain parts of the face, and that's what makes it pop.
Graffiti art that says "Pear". The neon blue outline around the word is what makes this art vibrant and eye catching. The word itself is a plain black color, so the blue helps it look appealing.
Abstract art piece. The bright pink is painted over one area of the blue background. There are also hints and swirls of neon green. These colors are made to stand out over the blue to seem appealing.
A small building covered in graffiti art. The colors are bright pink, orange, and blue. This makes the building extremely vibrant around the basic buildings. How could anyone miss this?
Credits: All media
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