Impressionism at the finest 

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In this painting, he captures the vibe of a good mood using positive colour and lighting effects
using bold strokes Ladislav made a hyper realistic paiting from far away but up close you can see the individual strokes he did to create this art piece
Claude uses his strokes in a interesting way depicting the grass and the back round while using some parts of fine strokes in his characters but still feels unfinished in a way
looking at this painting gives me the felling of a rough day out at sea while trying to make a living off of fish. it is a interesting way how he forms the rocks with light and dark colours.
Looking at this painting shows something like a dream. its fuzzy though the objects are just well enough represented to show whats on the ship and where your going.
Claude establishes in this painting about a man setting up before he is going out to sea.
This Picture is an interesting one. This picture represents workers hauling coal loads into a boat though in the back round it just has enough to show the city life
Claude Monet interprets the large scale of the cathedral and its glory.
This picture represents both realistic and bold strokes
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