Color and Depth.

Color is used everywhere and in everything. In this collection of artwork the colors in the paintings create illusions of depth and light.

In this painting, by Van Gogh, the use of cool toned colors creates a wonderful feeling of depth.
In this beautiful painting the lighter colors, and cooler toned colors, jump off of the painting. This creates a feeling of depth.
The use of contrasting color in this painting creates an illusion of depth.
In this painting there is a lot of warm and cool toned colors. The cool toned colors reseed while the warm toned colors jump off at you. This creates a lot of depth.
In this painting there are a bunch of colors mixed and mashed together. This style of painting creates depth with color because the lighter colors jump off of the painting.
This painting uses the color in it to cut out the white and create depth.
This painting uses lighter and darker shades of the colors to create lighter and darker areas. This creates depth. 
In this painting the colors used have been muted. Though this is true, they still create some feelings and illusions of depth.
In this painting the muted darker tones reseed into the painting, creating depth. The bright colors are the opposite and help the darker shades make depth.
In this painting the darker lilac shades, against the warmer colors, create a sense of depth.
This painting uses colors to create an illusion of depth. The dark blue is used to pull your vision back, thus making depth.
The bright yellows, greens, and whites in this painting are used to create light that your eyes are drawn to. This makes the darker colors reseed and create depth.
In the mess of color, the darker colors are creating an illusion of depth and shape.
In this picture the depth comes from the bright colors in the background. The darker muted colors are prominent in the foreground and the light comes from the background.
In this painting there is a contrast between light colors and dark colors. The dark colors reseed and they create illusions of depth.
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