The Element of texture

This glass pitcher obviously looks like glass, but the frosted bottom appears like it would be rougher and bumpy.
The grey color of these figures makes them look cold and hard.
The rough edges and bumps show that the piece has an unfinished feeling.
The fog effect in this painting makes the scene look cold and damp. The ink printing looks as though it is on wood pieces.
The color and the shine of this piece give off the appearance of stone.
The light and soft brush strokes give off a relaxed, warm and welcoming feeling to the painting.
The crayon streaks have a waxy look and feel that we all know from color books during our childhood.
This piece looks like carved wood, which means it would be hard and rough.
The pits and divots in this piece appear to be on metal surfaces that have been rusted or weathered.
The shine and rust on the elements of this piece appear to be made out of metal.
Credits: All media
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