A Musician and their soul - John Reyes 

In this gallery, you will see portraits of different musicians, and the instrument they used to play. To musicians, an instrument is more then just an object, its a piece of their soul they are sharing with the world. The instrument and the music they play some times represent themselves, and who they want to continue to be. 

A young man is sitting on what it may be his room is playing with a bagpipe. You can see in the details of his knees that he is sitting down, and not standing up. The artist captures the illusion of the musician playing the bagpipe by making the cheeks in the painting look like they are indeed blowing the bagpipe, it’s just a small detail that changes the picture once you pay attention to it.
In this portrait, it’s showing how a passionate man is playing his violin. The artist, who made this picture, also has different portraits about the other senses, but for the hearing, he decided to go with a man playing a violin. You can see by how his positioning his wrist, that his currently playing the violin, making the connection between the hearing sense, and that its not just a man holding a violin.
In here there is a young adult playing with a guitar in his room. In this portrait it also looks like he might not be alone, his playing the guitar to someone else in the room. There are some music sheets next to him, which can indicate that his practicing his next melody.
In this portrait you can see a young boy not only playing with his flute, but also singing. His reading from a book that is in front of him what can maybe be lyrics or musical notes. The movement of the left hand can also refer to when someone is feeling the music go through his soul, and making it his own. You can see by his face how much his enjoying his time right now, and that he is one with the music.
Over here we have a young boy sitting down, playing the flute. You can tell by the motion of his hands can indicate that he would be playing the flute as of that moment. In the background you can also see that he doesn’t just play the flute, but also a violin. Many musicians start their journey young, and in here there would be an example of that.
In this portrait, you can see that even though the picture is in black and white, there is still a movement in his arms, and that his playing the violin. The person is sitting on a barrel, what can tell us that his playing the violin outdoors, sharing his own music gift with the world.
A young woman is seen as she plays the virginal. A virginal is a similar music instrument to the piano. By the way it looks, she’s playing for someone else in the room. In front of the virginal, you can also see that not only does she have music sheets, but also a painting of nature, to which can be where she get’s the motivation to play her music.
In this portrait, you can see the king of swing, Benny Goodman doing what he loved the most, playing his clarinet. If you look closely at his mouth and at his hands, you can see how the artist that made this portrait framed the illusion of Benny Goodman playing the clarinet.
In this portrait of a woman playing the violin, you can tell the passion she feels by how she looks at the violin when she’s playing it. In here Tom Robert made it so you can feel the same love that he does for music, just as how this woman in the portrait is sharing her music with the world.
In here that is a man sitting in his chair playing the chirmia, an instrument that resembles a wooden clarinet. You can see how happy he feels of playing the music in his face, and how his enjoying every movement he does with the chirmia. You can also see in the background the words “ Chirmia Music Makes The Waters Happy” he’s not only playing that music for him but also for the waters, and nature.