Lydia Platt 


This vase shows value because from the top to the bottom the vase goes from dark black to white.
This jar shows Rhythm because it has a pattern going around the jar that looks like it{s moving around the jar.
This bowl shows line because there are lines traveling through the design.
This cream Jug shows variety because it shows color, shape, line, etc.
This Pot has whorl design that show texture because it looks like it would feel bumpy or rough.
This pot shows color because it uses a variety of bright reflecting colors.
I think this vase uses space because there isn't much negative space. Almost the entire vase is covered in the design.
I think this uses proportion because it is relative size and can be used for something.
I think this pot shows balance because if you were to cut it in half it would be balances on both sides.
This dish shows shape because it is a round circle .
This vase shows Emphasis because it stands out. It has value, color, and lots of detailing.
This bowl shows form because it is in a 3D shape.
This bowl shows pattern because it has a repetition going around the bowl.
This bowl with fishes shows movement because the fish look like they are swimming in circles so your eyes more in that direction.
This bowl shows harmony because it has a variety but it is calm.
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