Our Life in the Life of Juses's journey ON EARTH

One of the most interesting thing of this gallery is that how Jesus Christ has brought everyone together from the moment he was born, healed people, showed him self that he is the Son of God, but not only he is the son of God but putting him self down before everyone and washing the apostles feet. Also how our life really reflects through his life journey on earth. This Gallery is made by :- Temesgen Gobebo

This gallery tells us that how Jesus was matured in the age of 12 and how many of older teachers are confused that how he knows all of the words he was teaching them.
In this gallery it shows us that how Jesus shows his humanity and put him self down under John and getting baptized in front of lots of people. Which shows us it is not a sham to get baptized in Front of lots of people.
in this gallery it shows us how lazarus rising is the mean of out life today. Even people thinks that there no more hope it shows them they are wrong. There is always way to get back up.
In this Paint we can see Jesus wrapped a towel around himself and getting ready to wash his apostles feet at the Last Supper. In this Paint whats shows us is that the kindness and no shame to put our rank down and be example for others.
In this beautiful and simply painted gallery it shows us the Betrayal of Jesus Christ. After Jesus showed all of his miracles and after he washed his apostle feet we can see one his disciple name called Judas betrayed him.
In this Gallery we can see that how the paint and texture is been used can describe the torched Jesus. After Judas betrayed him the paint shows us that jesus is exhausted and suffered from the mocking by the solder. W can learn that to no matter what to get to the better place we have to go through lots of suffer to learn the lesson and show other how to get through it.
In this gallery we can see after all of the torture Jesus is been Crucified on the Cross. We can learn that He has showed us what real love means through his sacrifice and this paint really shows us how his followers felt the love that he showed us.
in this gallery we can really see simply the story of Jesus death. After the sun set his disciples took down and taking his body to bury him. What we can learn is that his disciples felt the examples and the love he showed them. So this paint shows that how careful they are for his body and showing the love he showed them.
In this paint we can learn lots of things. As we all know the story of Jesus Christ after he died he went to Hell and got the key of Hell and Heaven. The main reason I choose this paint is that It really shows us that There is always a way to win our problems after it destroys us. Which means There is Hope over our death.
This paint is my favorite. The reason I said it is that no matter what we win our problem we never accept it or believe it right away. Which this paint shows that After the resurrection of Jesus Christ the disciples could't believe that it was him even though they wan to believe.
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