Evolution of american artwork

My title symbolizes the assortment of art in my gallery because each piece of artwork represents the specific time period that they were made in and the values that the people held. As America's values and ideas change and evolve overtime so does the artwork. Resulting in a different style of artwork as you go down the timeline whether its from classicism to romanticism.

Busts represent the importance of a person and this is the reason why Benjamin Franklin had a bust of him created
Along with importance busts can also be used to have someone preserved for all time. This idea was important because people were very considered about being remembered
This painting compares the British as demons and shines them in a bad light by having the sky all black with fire which is how hell appears
This painting of George Washington shows many things like expensive gold tables and rugs. This was done to show the importance of a person.
This painting shows a young man with a plant and I believe this is done to show the common man and that it's not all about the hero's and legend's.
This painting shows the Niagara Falls in all of it's glory which I believe was either done to attract people to come there because it's magnificence or to cause people to try to respect nature more.
This piece of art shows a variety of birds and i think this was done less as art and more as a piece of science showing the different colorization and shape of birds.
This painting of the scene from shakespeare is showing a man of power choking out a lesser man. This represents how people of power treated others
This statue of a common woman shows the importance of every day people and is contrary to the common idea of glamorizing a single individual that is considered a hero
This piece of artwork shows the importance of portable pictures of your loved ones. This shows that the person is beloved by another because it looks expensive.
This picture is of Benjamin Franklin and shows that people of this time valued scientific discovery due to all of the angels helping Franklin in scientific discovery such as lightning
This art painting shows the appreciation they had for nature by having the trees, lake, and mountains take up the majority of the frame and having the men be very small in comparison
This painting shows fruit and this is probably used to liven up a dining hall or living room due to the colorful colors. the smooth colors are appealing to the eye even though they are light colors
This picture is of a woman that seems to be wealthy by the clothes she is wearing and the type of chair she is sitting in. This type of art was used to show the importance of someone
This painting of an indian chieftain is very powerful because the artists use of colors and facial features causes the indian chieftain to appear on fire this was probably used to represent fierceness
This painting of James Peale is not glamorous showing him at home looking at a picture of a woman in content of her. This painting was probably done to show his love for her.
This painting shows a blacksmith worker and this was probably done to counter the industrial revolution and rise of factories which ended craft makers and led to workers who were seen as demoralized
This painting is of nature showing a river, trees, rocks, and mountains. this was probably done to show the beauty of nature because at the time people saw nature as a thing to use rather than to live with
This painting shows a mother with her children. tis was probably done to show the insight of a house mother and the care she has for her children
This painting of a lynx is very artistic and was probably done for both scientific reasons by showing it in its natural habitat and for beauty.
This painting is of Cinderella on the floor of a home being content with her life and playing with a cat while her step sisters are concerning themselves with their looks
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