review of elements of art and design

I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this work.  -Shane Morehead

There is many Lines to show the Texture on the wood, this makes it a little more realistic. There is many Shapes such as circles for grapes and peaches. There is a lot of light colors and dark colors.
There is are many shapes in this photo, like peaches and grapes which are circles, and walnuts are oval. There is also a lot of space behind the objects, which simulates that the objects are closer.
There is not much color which means that this was made in an older time period. The texture is a little rough since it is an older painting.
The color in this painting is very similar, it is all a shade of brown. There is a bunch of lines to show the Hare's hair.
This has a variety of color, such as red, blue and green. There is also many shapes like circles for the apples. there is a lot of space in the top right of the painting.
Credits: All media
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