the purposeful and functional side of art

I choose to show an interest in this picture because of how crucial this time period was to developing the west. Hahn in this painting shows us that without the gold rush, west ward expansion wouldn't have taken off as fast as it did. The picture is also purposeful because it depicts the many people from different cultural and economic backgrounds all conversing as one. This piece of artwork would be considered art for Commemoration because it commemorates a historic time period in our rich history. The way to artist blends the right and side of the background with the sky and the building is very well done. When analyzing this picture you can really get the sense that you’re there at this station and those building surround you. The use of contrast between the different variations of brown and black contrast very well.
I choose to feature this piece of art in this gallery because it’s made of glass and has been preserved so nicely for so long. The artwork could be classified as a self-expressionist piece or art that is intended as delight. This art work tells us a story about the North American Indians and how detailed and intricate they were. From the hand-sole moccasins to the feather head piece. Art is a form of expression. The way the Indian is portrayed allows us to think that it’s possible this is how they want us to see them. Self-expressionism is a form of art when the artist wants to portray information about their view on a subject or even his own personality.
I choose to feature Rahula in my art gallery because he portrays the worship and ritual form of art. Rahula was a son born to the Buddha before he undertook his quest for enlightenment. So the followers or known better as the “Worthy ones” could look to this piece of art as inspiration before completing their quest of enlightenment. The red around Rahula really distinguishes the focal point of this art work. Not only can it be used as inspiration for others on their quest for enlightenment but it also helps understand the religion and can potentially enhance one’s view on that religion.
Most of look at art for enjoyment or to find some since of delight in the art work. This piece that was donated to the White House has done that for me. From first look you see the brilliant saturated shades of orange and red drawing your attention to it. The artist uses the red blocks very precisely by surrounding the red blocks by either a black ladder or some kind of dark stroke. Looking at this picture for some time you can imagine that it’s sometime I think before the Great Depression or maybe even resembling the work men did during the Great Depression. Either way we can take delight away from this piece because it’s motivational, inspirational and truly beautiful. Motivational because it depicts a team of people coming together to accomplish a goal which is something we all still do today.
One of the most historic paintings in the United States history, is a self portrait of George Washington. Self-expressionism before the capitol building was burned down. The expressionism in the painting resemble how reserve Washington was. However while being of such great resolve it depicts him as being strong important figure if you'd never seen this piece before. This art work could also be a commemoration piece commemorating the old capitol building. The art work it's self features Washington in all black in his office with some reds, a brass and different shades of both to finish the carpet that he is standing on.
Catholicism is a religion practiced by a lot of people today. St Michael the Archangel is a figure that is heavily pictured in texts and art throughout the religion. So one could classify this art work as worship or religion because it's promoting the ideas and beliefs of those who are catholic. The image itself if you believe or don't believe is truly beautiful in its own way as St. Michael is depicted defending something/someone. The use of shading is very prevalent in this art work especially behind his head. Michael is a saint and to depict that the artist brightens the space of the background behind Michael’s head to depict him of being such.
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