Cities of Different colors by Mykah Taylor

This Gallery shows different pieces of artwork involving cities and the different colors and contrast. This Gallery displays the different styles and views on cities. It ranges from new art to old art. It looks into the different colors and how some artist display details in interesting ways. Its all about the individual point of view. Some people see things differently then others. Where some people see dull colors others see something completely different. 

This artwork matches my theme because of how it shows the vibrant and joy of the city by making the building colorful and fun. The ocean waves gives a feeling of serenity with the blends of blues.
This artwork represents Hodogaya-juku it has nice soft colors that make the rooftops and water stand out. In my theme this shows the use of soft colors which makes the whole piece feel inviting.
This matches my theme because the artist captured the essence of New York City. The colors shown are meant to dazzle and overwhelm people with its bright lights and fine detail.
The color used in this makes it seem urban but also diverse. The artist shows the character in the city by using contrasting colors. Also making this unique is the shapes of parts of the buildings.
Even though this piece of art is dark color wise it still gives insight on the condition of this city. At first glance I see a city that is poor but also has a strong community.
What I love about this painting is the color in the fire. It shows just how dangerous and frightening it is for the people in the street. It displays a sense of unity but also fear just by the color.
The colors on this one shows a dark and mysterious city. The color in the clouds making it look like it might rain. The blend of color in the water and the darkness of the land and the view is amazing
The artist shows a city at its worse. The dark colors give the viewers a feel of death and destruction. The red in the back ground gives a feeling of war and fire. It is a dark view of a dying city.
This piece doesn't have much detail but it does an amazing job with color. The black water contrast well with the buildings. The sky is a beautiful pink color that brings the color out in the rooftops
This one shows a city that is overgrown everything is mushed together. The different colors bring out the details in the roofs and clothes of the line. The artist does a great job capturing the city.
Credits: All media
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