perspective of the world

This is a gallery of nature from all countries and cultures, showing the vastness and beauty of the world. 

In this painting by Albert Edelfet, we see the vibrant colors and lights from the view of a sunset at Kaukola Ridge in Finland. The texture and color of the water makes the painting feel extremely peaceful and calm. The spacing and balance between the man and the water makes the mountains and water feel massive.
This is a painting by Van Gogh from the perspective of the beach, as he seems to be watching a ship sail away. The brush strokes on the canvas give it a type of unique texture to the whole piece. There is a type of rhythm and movement in the painting, depicting choppy water on the shore, giving the piece much more energy.
This painting is the view of a sunset while down beneath in Yosemite Valley, California. Ablert Bierstadt's attention to detail and his incredible depiction of lighting, this piece has a very enticing look it. With his use of color and texture, he portrayed a very pretty scene.
In this paining, we are seeing the scene of a beautiful, warm day on the coast of Southern France. Paul Signac used dabbing methods to create motion and texture across this whole piece. The ocean looks like it shimmering from the sun beating down on it, due the shades and colors used.
This painting shows the perspective of a much simpler time. From the lighting and shades portrayed, it appears as the sun is setting. With the use of texture and brush strokes, the mountains in the back of the painting seem very far away and the trees look very alive and healthy.
This is a painting by Sanford Robinson Gifford showing the view of the Colorado mountains in 1870. The space and balance used in this piece shows that the mountains are far off in the distance. With the use of space, he left a lot of sky in the photo, perhaps to show how much open field and land there was at the time.
Olive grove was painted by van Gogh while he was in the asylum, where he had admitted himself. The patterns and rhythms used make the painting feel very vibrant and alive. The black lines running all across the ground and the spacing in the sky made the piece feel very alive.
This unique perspective of nature is that of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Painted by Yokoyama Taikan, Mt. Fuji is a symbol of pride for Japan. With the unique colors used and the balance used, we see a perfect example of japanese style of painting. We see the sun is burning red, breaking apart the clouds.
This painting is a view of a crashing wave on the Normandy coast, where Renoir used to visit his friend and also do portraits. This painting was the more abstract works from Renoir's career. With dabbing textures and his use of color and shading, the water appears to be rough and rapid.
In this painting, we see the view of a Florida, Everglades sunset. The intense sun burning through dark clouds and reflecting off the water. The bright colors in contrast with the trees and clouds make the sun feel much more vibrant. The bright white cranes on the tree draw your attention.
Credits: All media
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