Renaissance Art Exploration

Jada Hicks

Portrait #1 You can tell that this is a piece from the renaissance period because the portrait is very detailed and looks realistic.
Religious Scene #1 This is a picture of some individuals in a church setting, and its looks like they are studying a bible. The people are very detailed and so is the church in the background.
Religious Scene #2 A sculpted-like piece of artwork. This is Adam and Eve, the main couple of the bible that shows that people can sin and be persuaded into doing things. Forgiveness is key.
Portrait #2 Two men painted, and their full bodies are also present. It shows the type of clothing that was worn during this time period and is once again, very realistic.
Personal Choice #1 This image shows the real side of humans, and how we are more realistically shaped and not how society may make us seem to be, like skinny, etc. Different from how paintings were long ago.
Religious Scene #3 A Picture of Jesus pinned to the cross,It shows more of his body form than older pictures mightve shown. You can have a better sense of the pain and sacrifice in this picture.
Personal Choice #2 A portrait of a women, and it shows what makes her a women. The artist took into consideration how male and females are different and showed what makes us different in a way.
Ideals of Rebirth A mom is holding her child. Unlike older images, this one has a more real feel to it, the proportion of the women and her baby can relate to real life.
Ideals of Rebirth All of the people are gathered around in a village and it seems that they are witnessing some type of birth or something of that nature. Very realistic.
Personal Choice #3 A picture of crucification. It shows the pain that the people were feeling in this picture.
Credits: All media
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