Money talks

One connecting theme discussed in Red Harvest and The Death and Life of Great American Cities is the importance of money. Money, although simply a piece of paper, holds astounding meaning and value to members of society. It has the ability to influence opinions, dictate who has power, and change people’s lives for better or worse. Those with money are able to obtain more control over events than others, and direct the course of change, if desired. In Jacobs’ writing, money influences where people live and how they display their status. In Hammett’s story, money fuels violence and corruption in the city.

Money allows for people's opinions to be valued, such as in decisions about neighborhood set-ups (Jacobs).
People can be convinced to do or overlook heinous acts, for the right price. The mob hired by Elihu is a great example (Hammett).
The wealthy are treated better socially and receive warmer interactions with people of society. Children view their parent's interactions with others, which sets standards for their lives (Jacobs).
Money allows people to influence others whether they should be trusted or not. Many times the elite are held to a higher esteem, although they may not be the most model citizens (Hammett).
The poor tend to be taken advantage of or ignored. Neighborhoods loose upkeep if the poor citizens cause lower property values (Jacobs).
People blindly follow, emulate, or trust those with money. They seem to be well though of by the masses, although not everyone knows of the skeletons in their closets (Hammett).
People with money and power have influence over others so even the electoral process can become corrupt, as one person has more influence than many others below him (Jacobs).
This photo represents how Elihu was the owner of almost everything in the city, and everyone else was underpaid and unappreciated (Hammett).
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