Ancient Greece

A variety of artworks from the Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenaean, Archaic Greek, Classical Greek, and Hellenistic Greek time-periods.

Cycladic art was mostly know for its marble sculptures of people and look very modern for their time period. They were very distinct for the natural looking curves and proportional shapes of humans.
The Minoans typically had very decorative pottery and used bold lines and fantastic pottery skills to create elegant and very precise, round pieces of art.  
Mycenaeans used to trade for precious metals such as gold to make stunning jewelry. Also, they were very interested in burials, so ornate jewelry, golden masks, swords and diadems were seen in many burial sites
Archaic Greek art focused on the athletic ability of humans, they valued strong men, and this is a depiction of a sporting event which means they enjoyed having leisure time and entertainment.
This head of Athena was the epitome of the classical greek culture. The Greeks figured out how to create very proportionate and accurate representations of people in their sculptures.
the Hellenistic culture loved to show their wealth and their jewelry reflected just that. They created elaborate pieces art by using precious and semiprecious stones and a variety of metals brought in through new trade routes.
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