Colors Representing The Positive & Negative.

 Ivana Ordaz - Art History

I chose this work because of the colors used on it. If you see closer, you can appreciate the woman face drawn on this piece. Colors in one way or another represent for me femininity.
Throughout my life, I have developed a love for the pin ups and catrinas. This street art caught my attention because most artists use a different color palette when drawing Catrinas. The orange and black give a rough sense of seriousness.
Street art is not always rough and dark, but sometimes it has an innocent touch when colors and phrase represent or express to people a positive message. I chose this warrior because the colors used on it represent peace, happiness, light, hope, and if you see closer this painting you can see some phrases write both inside and outside the warrior giving the people the strength to continue their lives.
This painting represent the life and its route. If you observe the painting closer and slowly, you can appreciate different life stages of a woman. This is a very colorful painting that represent passion, life, happiness, etc.
I chose this piece of art to compare what Perry express with the colors. In the painting before this one Perry used bright colors to express positive stages of life, yet this paiting by the contrary expresses a sad and depressing end on this man life. He used a darker and stronger color palette for this painting to accentuate what he wanted to express.
Paz y Libertad is a painting made with colors representing strength and accentuate what the artist wants to express. This piece of art was elaborate with just three strong colors to express seriousness of the message. Peace and Freedom.
This is one of my favourites paintings from Frida Kahlo. The color on the background makes Kahlo self-portrait a deep and sad painting. With this painting Kahlo wanted to express how she really felt deep inside herself. The redness of the face and the purple gives the feeling that she is holding a mask.
This extraordinary piece of art represent the world. The clear blue represent the water and the flags colors were perfectly chosen to stand out from the background.
This painting represent a important Inca. I can relate to that for the gold color that means power and wealth.
This painting express evil and darkness. Black as we all know, represent the bad, the evil, the scary and that is what this man face makes me feel. His suspicious look and the colors complements what the artist wanted to express.
This piece of art from Taikan represent the life and peace. The leaves colors represent fall and t
The color red in that moment represent the power that this person has and his or her rank. The background in chinese painting are always in this color because of the material.
This street art make fun of an Obispo. The colors represent a negative message and a strong call of attention for the people, Those colors are strong for the eyes which means that this street art stand out not just fot the message that the artist wanted to express, but for the strong colors on it.
This is one of my favorites street arts because this cartoon is a devil, that is why is it all red and the uniform expresses what the artist feel or wanted to express.
letters filled colors and very cheerful and positive ways people want to express happiness and imagination is very important in each individual.
Credits: All media
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