look at the other side.

The main reason i chose this piece is because it fits in with my theme (shapes) but i also really liked the colours used because they fit together well.
I Like that this is incomplete because it makes you wonder what it could look like if it was finished its also very simple but elegant.
I chose this because its based on one shape but used in many different sizes and colours that wouldn’t usually be paired together and it also reminds me of a staind glass window.
I chose this piece because its quite complicated and it looks like its drawn in either charcoal or pencil which is something a bit different in my gallery.
I like this painting because it is abstract and also the brush strokes end quite roughly which makes it stand out to other paintings. This painting is also great because you could hang it in any orientation and it would still give the same effect.
This painting is great because of the colours which all mold in together to make a bright setting, I also like that it is easy to imagine as many different things eg. I can see a person surfing through it as if it were a wave
I like this because it is completely random and the colours used in this are not usually paired together which makes it look quite different also with the two different textures.
I like this because of the block colours and it reminds me of snow on a mountain top.
This image makes me think that someone was trying to build something but never got around to finishing it which makes you wonder.
I like this because the different colours of the dots play with your eyes. I think that this is named There's "No Place Like Home" because when you have a close look at it these circles are actually croched by Ani O'Neil in the comfort of home.
This is creative in a way that it makes you wonder where the stairs could lead, the fact that they are wonky makes it even more interesting to look at.
This cross makes me think that the artist was trying to resemble life and love in a simple way.
This sketch looks like a fallen cross as a representation of death and mass destruction.
These peices of metal grouped together to create a wondrous sculpture have been rusted and scratched to help make it look bold and interesting.
I like this sculpture because it looks like its been knocked down and it makes you wonder what it could look like if it was still standing .
I like this piece because of the colours and how they blend together. It also reminds me of a rock pool.
I chose this painting because i like the smooth colours and how they blend together also it is exactly what my theme is about (shapes).
This sculpture reminds me of a distorted egg carton. It has many different levels which makes it appealing to the eye.
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