prespective landscape

I chose this because it fit my landscape theme because the picture is of outside. The trees and sky have great color. I think the blue gradient with the mountains in the back is done flawlessly. 

I picked this picture because of the perspective is has. The color use is great, its so settle but mixes well together. I like that its abstract but the there are few main focus points he wants you to focus on. Shading and the use of dark color adds the perfect amount of depth.
I feel like this picture goes with my theme because it is landscape because of the perspective of the buildings in the picture. The shading and contrast this picture has is outstanding.
This went my theme because the picture was painting of outside landscape. The colors are so vibrant and the perspective is perfect.
Another that goes with my theme because it outside.Also having a perspective point and lines. Great use of color!
Another outside picture to go with my theme.The lighting and shading used well in this picture. This picture looks so natural, it has a natural line of perspective.
Not quite a landscape but its has a lot of perspective. Lines are nice and sharp and clean.
Landscape picture to go with my theme. It also has perspective and a vanishing point and it achieves it very well. The vanishing point is the bright light in the middle of the picture.
Black white picture of landscape. This picture also has perspective and shading / contrast going on in this picture.
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