Animals in culture

the artist using 4 different colors.. and different shades on the elephants
this piece reminds me of the horses in the UK.. that are naturally huge.. different than the Arabian horse are mostly a bit short.. the artist shows some techniques on the horse body..
the colors are dull..with black water..because of the grey clouds on the back.. and this might represent the.rain in this country
this piece shows animals in the wild.. of a lion defending its prey.. the artist is sketching from a different culture..
the colors of the pigeon is unique.. in the UK there are many different colors of pigeon.. and the artist is from the same country..
This crab has many details on the shell.. it is also a similar crab as my culture..
The artist is showing the action of the horse in the desert, this reminds me of the Arabian culture because they do horse racing in the desert.
People in Canada hunt their food which is a Buffalo.. and the artist is from the same culture. and he uses oil pastel
The artist sketched the crane tall comparing to the lizard, the crane is called a whooping crane and it is the tallest bird in north America,and the artist is from the same culture as the bird.
Bald eagles with white head is americans national bird, this eagle is unique of the color and the techniques on the wings, it looks a bit similar as the Arabian falcon.
Credits: All media
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