Drawing 1 Final

Use of line to create movement or rhythm: The spokes on the wheels of this bike create a sense of movement or rhythm because of the angle that they are placed at.
You can tell that this person just started out with a circle but then, to add more detail and make it look more like a form, they added shading and other artistic tools
Gesture Drawing: In this specific gesture drawing, the artist makes it easy to tell that the two taller women are leaning over, because of the way there is an arch on there backs shows that.
There is depth in this photo, in the way that you can tell that it is trying to show some type of hallway. It shows this by making it grow smaller farther down and making the windows smaller also.
Overlapping Objects: The vases, or jars in this photo of a plate are overlapping. The ones that are farther away are smaller and behind the objects that are overlapping them.
Each of the geometric shapes that are in this picture are given a certain size to show the difference between them. For example the arcs for mountains the ones that are meant to be behind are smaller.
Placement: The mountains that are more toward the bottom appear closer than the objects on the top.
Value and Color: The wall in the first room of this drawing appears darker, and warmer than the wall in the room that is farther away, which appears as more of a light, cool color.
Detail: The tree that appears closer is the one that shows the most detail while the others you can't see the detail as much because they appear farther away.
Positive and Negative Space: This art piece shows The Positive and Negative Space of this white kitten and really makes the kitten stand out rather than having the background stand out.
Texture: When I look at this picture it makes me feel like I could feel the texture of the hay that is shown and of the jewels, because of the way that they made it look.
Credits: All media
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