Chinese ceramic pieces

These pieces are all Chinese and where all made around 1700 to 1400 time period. Most of these pieces have metal fixtures and are made with blue and white. Some of them have flower patterns or some type of picture. These pieces were made mostly for the same reason, to be sold to others. 

This lidded bowl has gray-blue glaze with a flower pattern. It has gold fixtures on the top, bottom, and sides. The gold fixtures also have flower patterns. This pieces was originally two separate pieces. A Parisian craftsman latter added the metal work. This bowl would have been made to hold potpourri. The lidded bowl is considered personal. Many women would make potpourri which would take up to nine or so years to make.
These lidded bowls are both Chinese pieces. Both bowls are made with blue and white, and have a picture of a town printed on them. The bowls have gold on the bottom, handles, and lid. These bowls were made for China cabinets back in the 1600s. Both bowls serve a cultural purpose. Many rich and noble people owned large China cabinets, and it would have been see as normal.
This pitcher is, another Chinese piece with a flower and vine pattern. The pitcher is also made in blue and white. The spout and lid are both made of silver, and were later added to the pitcher. This piece would have been made for an Islamic ruler. The pitcher serves a personal purpose. It would have been made for selling to important people.
This piece is a blue and white Chinese dish. It has a a flower design with vines in the center along with a bird. Around the rim is another flower design. The dish is also made of clay.This piece was made specifically for selling to Islamic countries.The dish was used to serve lager quantities of food. This piece serves as a personal use considering; many who bought it would use it like a regular plate.
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