Elements of art 

color in this picture are white,red,blue,green,yellow, gray and brown. these are very basic colors and which in this painting some colors do mix.These colors dont seem to be corresponding to nature they just seem to be random, so this painting wouldnt be a something you see in real life. This painting is bright and standouts and seems a overall positive painting.
This is not a 2d but it is 3d with the way the painter has put the streets. This dose have perspective, this is a airal view of a city from high up in the sky and gives good perspective of what ever the artist is trying to portray. There is no overlapping. This deep because your far away and your looking down.
This is a simlulated picture of the moon. This painter painted to make make this art look like its ruff, bumpy rocky. When you first look at the picture the texture looks like everything opposite of smooth.
This painting id 2D. It has density in the left part of the painting. This painting also has a foregroungd and background.
Here you can see three dementional shapes like the dock and the boat. This has extreme detail for example the smoke and the shape of the people on the dock. This painting also has contrast showing the distances with less detail and then up close with extreme detail which really makes this seem real as if u were there.
In this painting there complex 3D shapes. Use of shading and lines help make the top part of the chair and the book shelf stand out. Also in the up right center the line come together making a room that looks 3D.
Here in this piece of art you can see that the lines create foregroundand background.The lines direct your attention to the the center left of the picture with all the poles of ship standing out with ropes creating a almost cross hatching in some areas.
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