From another perspective

Art History

Beautiful lighting for a beautiful view.
Vast scene. Scale of the figures help give a sense of size and the atmospheric perspective affecting the church give this piece a fantastical feel.
Chosen for the immense sky. The scale of the monk amplifies the sense of the scene.
Looking up into the heavens, foreshortening on the figures helps perpetuate the illusion of depth.
One-point perspective pulls you up into the clouds.
Lines converge on a single point of the horizon while the detail fades into the background, figures shrinking in the distance.
As though we are viewing the ships from shore.
Awash with sunset tones, the view is warm and pleasant.
Perspective grants depth. Looking into the architecture.
Distance is impressive.
A taste of the undertaking.
View from across the water.
Lone figure and a lone tree. Overall subdued green tones and the hazy atmosphere gives it a solemn feel.
Gentle scene with more atmosphere.
Animals as far as the eye can see.
Credits: All media
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