Art of the Italian Renaissance Period

5 pieces of art will be exhibited

These pieces were given to newlywed couples in order to celebrate and furnish their new dwelling as husband and wife. The medium that was used was carved walnut that was originally gilded. These works of art were influenced by classical Roman sarcophagi.
This painting was done on a canvas. Oil type paint was used. The materials that were used were 16th century Venetian. Venus is trying to stop her lover from going off to fight and most likely die.
This drawing uses black chalk and grey wash to create this image and its textured effects. The use of white lines also helps show its texture against the darker colors. The dark vertical lines give texture.
This piece is described as decorative art. It is made of colorless glass with diamond point engraving. This is extremely thin glass. It bears a grape pattern on it which may be due to the wine that it was intended for.
Folio type of work. Medium used in this piece was tempera colors and gold paint on parchment. Saint Paul is seen here reading a scroll.
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