Egyptian Art

By Mia Monell

This piece of art is a sculpture using bronze and gold. Many artists in the Third Intermediate Period used gold adornments. On this piece, the bronze and gold are of the great gods Re-Horakhty and Thoth.
This sculpture is made out of wood, plaster, and glass. This collar was used in safe-guarding and decorating the dead. The gods protect the wearer against the evils of the world with this collar.
This amulet represents vigor and physical wellness, which is a faience rock. The two eyes were made around the New Kingdom Period, and they give people the hope that the gods would watch over them.
This piece of art is made out of gold, and lapis lazuli. The necklace was found in Egypt, and it was made during the New Kingdom Period. Its dimensions are 8 9/16 inches, and the pendant is one inch.
This mixture of a human and a bird means that it is going to help a person travel between realms. It is made out of gold, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and steatite, which is known from the Dynasties 26-30.
Credits: All media
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