Realistic Textures in paintings.

Paintings with detailed textures that look as real as if they were photographed.

This painting has so much detail especially in the background in the horse's hair and the wood of the cart.
The flower pedals look way to real to be a painting.
The difference textures of the rocks and sticks are so subtle but look so real.
Look at the cloth and the leg of the table, such detail of texture.
The foliage and the look of the atmosphere is so photographic.
It's amazing that a watercolor painting managed such detailed texturing, the legs of the bird amaze me.
The clouds and water are so real looking. Off topic; the lines make it look like a panorama picture.
The details may not be photographic, but the textures of the rock cliffs sure are.
The contrasting textures between the rocks and sky are so amazing to me.
I really can't believe this isn't a photo. The details in the bark and leaves is incredible.
I love the consistency in lighting and how the reflective texture changes between on the wall and the floor.
One of the best water reflections I've seen in a painting. Some might say it's to perfect, but I've seen this smoothness in real life.
The softness of the sky and distant objects contrast perfectly with the textures of the foreground.
The texturing of the foreground isn't perfect but the background is textured and faded perfectly.
Not only is the fabric textured properly, but the way the shimmer on the shallow water is so crisp yet the distant shimmer is softer is a detail most would miss.
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