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Social and Political Protest: Art can often be used as a means of political or social protest, ranging from pieces meant to comment on social problems, call for peace, or raise concerns about the environment. Here. a variety of ten contemporary pieces from around the world use the tools of photography, painting, and sculpture to raise a protest.

This uses the imagery of a divided Berlin to comment on the division between North and South Korea.
This is a different kind of protest, it is a call for peace after racial tensions in New Zealand were high due to land disputes with Maori people.
This sculpture is by the Polish artist Jerzy Beres, and is typical of his work. He often uses fabric scraps, rope, and natural things like sticks and rocks to create his protest art. The description provided leaves it to the viewer to discern meaning, but it is clear to me that this is a work of social or political protest.
This artist uses cartoony images of plants and animals doing things that seem human to indicate “distrust of society, uncertainty, unstable situations, and the mentality of suppression and desire using comic characters in the wonderland he created,” according to the description. This image of a tree wearing a suit might be seen as a protestation against how far removed we are from a natural state.
This photo depicts a protest against the use of nuclear power in India. According to the description, “Though these protests have been non-violent in nature, they have been repeatedly subject to violence by government forces.” This photo calls attention to the human cost of government interference in these protests, and so it is a protest itself.
This is one of the most directly political protest pieces in this collection. This photograph was taken by Dorothea Lange before she began her work for the government, to document and call attention to the hardships people were enduring in the depression and how inadequate the current programs were to solve it.
This feminist artist has a recurring theme in her work of using food to substitute for body parts in her art as a way of calling attention to how objectified women’s’ bodies are. In this case, she photographs herself appearing androgynous and eating a banana. From the description: “All of the self-portraits contest the objectification of the female body, making many direct references to pornography.” I think this certainly qualifies as a piece of social protest.
This is another social protest piece that focuses on environmental concerns. This is meant to show how careless people are with our limited and essential supply of water.
This social protest is a piece of embroidery from a Singaporean artist. It depicts the effects of pollution of the environment, and the artist’s “concerns of the deteriorating state of environment, represented by the chimney, a frequently used motif in his other works, which symbolizes “the language of industry, factory, work, pollution and chaos.”
This piece is a social protest against the speed and isolation of modern life. It is a sculpture of two highways, complete with road noises. This is meant to call attention to how much time people spend in their cars alone, commuting. As the description, notes, “As the title puns, we are the inevitable product of our own social and technological designs.”
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