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By Sri Malineni

Turn Your Business Into the Ideal Work Environment By Sir Thomas More Any business leaders looking to change their workplace and make worker interactions more pleasant should definitely get this book. Sir Thomas More gives excellent information on how the perfect workplace can be established. Workout how best to resolve interpersonal conflicts, and figure out how to increase worker efficiency! Used by many of the top fortune 500 companies, Mr. More’s theories on business settings help pave the company protocols. Receive helpful tips such as alleviating workroom tensions by removing all barriers between cubicles and using a shared work space. Experiments have proven that workers have more free time, better overall happiness, and fewer conflicts. Find out why companies like Google and others are able to achieve their greatness using More’s outlines. "A book whose main idea can be applicable to environments greater than the business world" — New York Times "This must-read book will lead people to change their careers, their lives, and the world, for the better." — Fortune Magazine
Take the Right Steps Towards Being a Leader By Herodotus of Greece For anyone that has dreamed about being in a position of power or wants to learn how to become a leader in any position then the narratives of Herodotus are a must! The novel lists out great examples through history of where power comes from in different countries. His interesting interactions with world leaders and powerful people will help shine a light on what it takes to be a leader. If you’re looking to take on more positions in your office and/or starting your own business, then this book will provide you with the information you need to get started. Considered one of the most popular books in the world, discover why it’s helped so many people figure out how to rise to power. Through this book you will learn: • An understanding of what it takes to rise to power • How to developing plans for success • What it takes to maintain power • To improve self-confidence and self-reflection "Reading through all the personal stories developed the story in more ways than simply listing facts, a truly fun to read narrative" — Chicago Tribune "The authors quirky tangents along with his humorous writing makes it a very pleasant read" — People Magazine
Workers Victories: Overcoming the Troubles of Big Businesses By Karl Marx Most workers feel like they’re being exploited by big businesses and find it hard to find a way to stand up for themselves. Economist Karl Marx comes in with his short book ‘Workers Victories’ to show exactly how people can counteract this. His book has helped countless people gain the courage to stand up against the corporations and make sure they’re entitled to certain amenities. Karl Marx takes apart the problems with the current established practices of business to show people the problems they shouldn’t settle for. He outlines how an average everyday worker can be crucial to making changes. If you’re an employee at a major corporation, read and learn about how to better change your work environment. Through this book you’ll learn about: • Problems with the established methods • How others overcame big corporations • The importance of learning about your privileges • Ways to defend yourself from corporations "Marx is able to expose the underbelly of society while still writing an informative book for everyone" — New York Times "A under appreciated book.." — Peoples Magazine
How to Find True Peace in Your Life By Titus Lucretius Carus From one of the most respected philosophers and enlightened thinks of the time, comes a book about overcoming inner struggles to live a happier life overall. Lucretius discuss the nature of happiness and breaks down the outline of the universe to explain why we feel unhappy or stressed about the day to day events. Learn from the teachings of centuries of philosophy and let go of the social, financial, and sexual stressors of the world. In a society where we are constantly exposed to different stories and our emotions are thrown into constant flux, finding a personal calm is hard to do. Lucretius deals with this by outlining how to let go of more material prospects and rather to pursue deeper intellectual insights. Take back control of your life and learn to let go of feelings of inadequacy and start cultivating courage and self-reliance today! "Lucretius tackles the darker, and often untalked about emotions that prevent us from attaining a higher plane of understanding" — Publisher Weekly "A intellectually captivating story that teaches people to conquer all of life's problems" — TIME Magazine
Discover Your True Aspirations By Studs Terkel Read through the insight of others from various different fields to find the correct job for you. Follow Studs Terkel on his trip across the nation as he talks to different experts! This book is an invaluable utensil for those looking to change careers and make more with their lives. Also read from other people in similar positions as you and find out what problems there are and what can be fixed. If you are unhappy with your current position and want to make a change in your life then take the first step today and pick up this book! Working will provide people of all ages with the help they need to make sure they are happy with their job. Pair this with our best seller “How to Travel Across The Country on a Budget!” to really discover the world around you! "Revealing and delightful." — New York Times "For those looking to find a new path" — Huffington Post
Find Your Inner Super Woman By Mary Wollstonecraft This is a must read for any woman that needs to find her independence again. From esteemed author Mary Wollstonecraft comes a helpful guide designed for women of all ages. Her criticism of the set standards point out the problems women might find in their everyday lives but outlines how to overcome those stark differences. If you've been questioning the standards imposed on you by society or want a better way to express your freedom than this book is the one for you! With examples of determination, self-exploration, and new outlooks on society, ‘Find Your Inner Superwoman’ is a motivating and inspirational look at exploring and finding your personal, inner self. "Simple, beautiful and profound" — Oprah Winfrey "A must read for girls! Wollstonecrafts transformative story will be something marked through the histories" — Associated Press
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