Renaissance perspective

Burgos catedral; is a gothic style of roman catholic cathedral in burgus, Spain Granada:city and the capital of granada found in Spain Mastery: comprehensive knowledge or skill Naples: capital of the Italian region Architect: a person who do designs on buildings
amphitheater: an oval round building with tiers of seats around an open/central areas used in Rome and in Greek cornucopia: symbol of goat's horn's over flowers and etc. emphasize: express in detail cultural: dealing with culture Ideal: the bigger picture
Siena: a river that flows through the town of Sejny faccade: face of a building crucifix: a representation of Jesus dying on the cross centre: center an work or structure Liverpool: an city in England
Intarsia: knitting technique that deals with patterns panel: a flat curved component that forms depiction: act of depicting something exceptional: to agree to something Quattrocentro: the 15th century of Italian arts
Mixed: combining material Installation: action of installing something Space: free open area Objects: subjects in artwork Associate: connect with something else within one's mind
derive: to obtain something from elaborate: involvement of careful gestures and parts in detail Dutch: the West Germanic language in the Netherlands palace: the official residence of a sovereign entrance: where a building starts so you can walk in
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