The Beautiful and diverse world of art

A timeline through the diverse history of art

The most amazing and prominent feature pertaining to this artwork is definitely the fact that it aged incredibly well. This is credited to the material used to create this piece which was bronze. Considering that bronze was the main material used to create figures such as this on the eastern side of the world. This piece appears to be a representational form of art work because it seems to relate to an older religion.
The medium of this painting was color on silk was very interesting to me. I have to say what i liked most about this piece is the faded plain background which is a brownish hue, which went great with the fading green color of the flower's stems. Because of these color features, the piece really allowed the bright colored blossoms of the flower to pop and vividly stand out from the rest of the painting. This artwork seems to be representational as well because of the flowers' relevance to the outside world along with the painting carrying an underlying meaning of sorts.
This small piece's medium consisted of wood with polychromy, along with cut gold leaf and inlaid crystal eyes. This initially drew my attention due to its strange pose along with the off gold color that resonated from the figures clothes. This piece was credited to the Chinese, who were widely known for their various types of sculptured figures. Moreover, this piece also attracted my eyes due to the bizarre mask the figure appears to be wearing on its head. Lastly, i believe this piece to be a representational piece because it seems relevant to ancient Chinese customs.
This painting's medium was tempera on poplar wood and was very magnificent to me because of the bright yellow/gold hues reflecting all around the artwork. The use of this color scheme, through my eyes, really seemed to give the painting an incredible sense of "holy" as well as spiritual ambience throughout the piece. Also, this piece is without a doubt a representational piece of artwork due to its deep religious meaning.
This drawing's medium was pen and ink with watercolor on laid paper and was extremely interesting to me because it seemed to achieve the same level of holiness as the last artwork, but without using any color, Instead this artist used the strategy of only shading and tinting throughout the piece. This was very impressive to me because even though the artist left out a plethora of color, the image still conveyed a powerful religious message, which of course entitles this to be a representational artwork.
This oil painting on a single oak panel was entertaining to me. It's entertaining to me because this painting appears to be telling a story to the viewer, thus makes it representational. Furthermore, This painting depicts an abduction taking place, and proved to be quite interesting to me because there seems to be a lot happening throughout the painting.
This painting of George Washington was oil on canvas. This painting stood out to me in particular due to the rich and abundant American history that lies behind the brush strokes of the artwork. Washington's stance appears to be relaxed and somewhat welcoming, so my perspective is that perhaps an important meeting is about to take place. Due to the history behind this, I believe this piece to be representational as well.
This wonderful sculpture's medium is bronze. What really attracted my interest towards this piece would have to be credited toward the metallic color presented on the sculpture, and although the radiating colors drew my attention, i must say the positioning of the two figures is what kept it. I found this sculpture to definitely consist of an underlying message pertaining to love which made it all the more beautiful. Also, due to this message i must credit the piece with a representational aspect towards it.
This abstract painting is tempera and pencil on canvas mounted on composition beard. I really enjoyed this painting due to the randomness of it, and although the painting seems relatively simple and easy to reciprocate, it is not. The artist seemed to use very particular and precise shading skills throughout each different shape in the painting. The way that each shape's colors coincide and overlap each other is truly remarkable.
This last and fianl piece may in fact be my favorite artwork in the bunch. This print's medium is pigment print on watercolor paper. My eyes were instantly attracted towards the beauty of this piece. The use of warm to cool color hues in this print were marvelously done, as well as the various forms of oddly proportionate shapes that filled the artworks space. I found the sunset in the lower left corner, just over the mountains to be the point of interest in this piece, then i found my eyes gently flowing from left to right towards the darker part of the print. Lastly, since this piece seems to represent the outside world i must say it is a representational piece.
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