Freud vs. Antigone: Role of women.

The ID, ego and superego are three major forces in our lives to be reckoned with according to Freud.  The ID, or the unconscious, it primal desires they are amoral and it wants things which would be Antigone.  The EGO is preconscious, it negotiates between or "balances," it works as the mediator, this would be the Chorus.  Finally, the superego.  The SUPEREGO is the conscious state of being, it follows social and cultural norms and constraints and is well constructed, this would be Ismene.  Antigone and Ismene are very different beings socially, physically and emotionally. (Freud 354- 374) (Sophocles 5)

This picture depicts Adam and Eve as the super ego also a deer on the left and a lion on the right. The deer represents the ego, or the preconscious, where the lion represents the ID or unconscious. (Freud 354- 374) (Sophocles 5)
This is a picture of a scale; a scale is used to show balance. Freud tries to help us understand that the EGO like the chorus, is the balance between the ID and the SUPEREGO. (Freud 354- 374)
Antigone or the ID in this situation, was a rebellious, passionate and courageous woman. The woman in this photo reminded me of Antigone because this women seems as if she is not one to mess with, she does her own thing one her own terms,and that was how Antigone was. (Sophocles 5)
Ismene, or the SUPEREGO, was a timid, "good Greek woman," she valued the structure of society much like the woman in this photograph. This woman seemed like she went with the flow of life and didn't really ask question in fear of discipline. Women were repressed in this time, as I feel Ismene was as well. (Sophocles 5)
Antigone and Ismene are very different human beings. Antigone goes against the cultural norms whereas Ismene abides by the rules that society puts forward. When I saw this picture I saw Antigone riding away on a horse, or escaping from he reality of real life. She does what she wants, and she is not going to let anyone stop her, she is a woman Freud would look down upon. Ismene on the other hand is the woman who looks like she is in pure horror at the sight of a woman trying to run away from life. Ismene stayed on land, she stays stuck within her cultural boundaries and she follows the social norms, she is someone Freud would boast about. (Freud 354- 3754) (Sophocles 5)
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