The Illusion of American society

Both literary works of Red Harvest and The Death and Life of Great American Cities portray the issues of modern society. The decay of social standards and humanity quickly turn for the worse as a immoral action trumps good will. Struggles for power, money, and sustainability drive people of all vices into the public eye soon becoming an everyday norm. With the standard of ethics being accepting of violence, greed, and corruption, society as a whole begins to decay. As the members of society become accustomed to an immoral way of life the area of occupancy is slowly destroyed. 

Society has built an immense social complex based on economy and class. From the outside these issues are non apparent as the American people continue to turn a blind eyes to the problems faced (Jacobs,13).
As development began disparities in wealth and social position grew wider and wider. Furthermore, moral decay appears in minor forms only to grow exponentially (Jacobs, 50).
Lack of mobility causes the streets to become divided between dangerous or safe areas. The dispute of either public and private space leads to decay of the actual city. (Jacobs, 35)
The environment being described by Jacobs goes on to provide reasoning for Red Harvest's setting. As a power struggle ensues in a society the progression of decay escalates to violence and further (Hammett, 2).
An expanding culture of immoral behavior in turn creates a need to act corruptly to sustain influence. Justice takes the back seat as corruption reaches into authoritative positions and violence rules (Hammett, 37).
Citizens rights become more of guidelines as even some higher up government officials use their power to sustain the position they hold. Abuse of power allows for corruption to stay in place (Hammett, 24).
With social decay comes the frustration of individuals in society who are forced to take matters into their own hands. Eventually enough is enough and the people will rebel in search of new hope (Hammett, 59).
The law abiding will resent the power holders whom do not abide by laws. The resentment will only drive apart the people more and more possibly leaving the society in a state of anarchy.
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