The Color Purple, wisdom & nobility

by: Charles Ruck

Royalty, nobility, wealth, fame, honor, elegance, beauty, importance, grace, spirituality, mystery, transformation, wisdom, enlightenment, cruelty, arrogance, ceremony, mourning, temperance.
A unique form of beauty and majesty.
The dress on this mahican strongly represents the higher fame of worth.
The ink used for in this print gives off the sense of nobility.
This sash gives off the importance of honor, nobility, and /or spirituality.
The mixture of the purple used over the yellow gives a sense of higher importance or as a rightful placement.
The combination of the colors almost gives the appearance of arrogance and transformation.
This solid, almost pastel-like color of the chair resembles temperance.
This light, almost faded-like brush strokes give the painting a sense of depth and mystery.
This overcoat appears that of someone of royalty would wear.
The positioning and landscape along with the bold color of the woman's dress gives the setting of taking place during/after a ceremony.
This funny yet bold expression of this purple ape has a look of enlightenment.
The art work is comical yet beautiful
This single cloud surrounded by these solid shades express the importance of simplicity.
This gives off the feeling of gracefulness.
The horizon in the distance gives this more wild scene of nature a sense of elegance and beauty.