Painted Strings - Omar rojas

The subject of this gallery is the musical instrument of the guitar. It would be shown in different setting represented by different mediums. Although the guitar might seem like a very simple, straightforward instrument, there are many ways in which it can be painted and represented.

In this painting appropriately called The Guitarist we can see a young man playing the guitar. The man's body is pointing towards the right but his face is pointed towards the viewer. The background is very dark, putting all of our attention at the guitar player. The guitar itself is mostly hidden from the viewer but is still recognizable.
Here the guitar can be seen sitting on a table among other objects. The strings of the guitar seem very parallel to the writing on the book that is right next it giving it a sort of feeling of unison. The colors of the fretboard match the table, further enhancing the sense of unison.
Although it might look like an abstract painting at first there is a clear picture in the drawing. On top of the table there are what looks like sheet paper. But across these papers the are parts of a guitar drawn in. There are also parts of the guitar seen drawn the the table.
This drawing has a beautiful woman that seems to be performing for another lady and a child. Sadly, no one seems to be very much interested in the woman playing the guitar.
This sculpture shows a man that is sitting on some kind of ledge while playing the guitar. Although its hard to tell from the picture, it looks as if the form of the man and the guitar can only be seen from this position.
The guitar in this abstract drawing is a little hard to point out but you can see the basic shape of its body in the center. Only a small part of the guitar is actually drawn in the whole painting.
The guitar itself is the actual canvas in this one. Although we can only see the back of the guitar, we can imagine that the front of the guitar has the same beautiful floral pattern drawn on it.
In this drawing we see a man sitting under a tree playing his guitar. In the background there is a village which makes me think that the man is by himself and that he could be a traveling musician.
This painting is like the classic drawing of fruits on a table but with a small guitar in the middle of it all. The guitar is also the brightest object in the drawing, grabbing our attention and making it the focal point of the drawing.
This looks like a guitar that was taken apart and then put together in an abstract way. It makes the guitar look like a puzzle that people would want to go and try to put back together.
Credits: All media
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