Texture's Artistic Appeal

This gallery is dedicated to the many textures that help create an appealing piece of art that would seize to have as much of an impact without it.

I chose this picture as an addition to my gallery because it has so much texture for an image as simple as skull.
I chose this image for the same reason as the previous one, the artist took a simple image and added texture to create something so much more appealing and complex.
This image is called The Moon, the artist did an amazing job replicating the moon's surface. I'm also moved by the slight patch of green almost as if the moon is capable of carrying life.
Texture is not always just a 1 Dimensional it can also be be 2D or 3D, such as this sculpture. The culture is 3D and I love how it pops from the rest of the rock around it.
The way the artist used their lines helped create textures that of a brain.
The way the artist streaked there brush and colors helped create an almost 3D texture of vincent van gogh.
the texture here are amazing, you can see the texture of the hat so well that it creates an almost sheer see through texture.
The artist uses color to give this piece its texture. It is almost a metal type object, it's got a almost reflective surface.
The artist uses color and values to help give the head it's fleshy appearance.
There's a lot of texture focused as paper here. However the artist does a really good job of displaying the transparency and making it appear as tracing paper.
This piece has a 3D texture because it is a ivory made item carved in.
I love how the artist uses natural textures as well as man created textures.
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