Gallery of Line: Yodaris Frausto 

Concentration because this look like it took a long time to make and the value in here is very accurate and has a good blend of blacks and grays.
Concentration and value because I feel like even though I don't see a lot of lines you can really tell what's going on.
Diagonal lines because you can see the "happy" emotion in the picture with the way the lines are drawn/painted in the picture.
Texture because look at it. DOesn't it look hard.
Focused because all the lines are going in one direction and are foucsing on one thing only
Texture because the way the lines look in the picture. They look like they are overlapping each other and are hard looking
Vertical Lines the lines are pretty straight and there. there isn't much description you can make out of this
Texture. This looks like texture because the way the lines are kinda hard and look like they're have some type of feel.
Thick Lines, because it was needed to put a lot emphises on the fog and make it look like it was not very clear to see.
Vertical Lines, I mean look at it. The lines are very noticably straight and are going in a direction, and you can see what's happening
Focused all the lines are going into one direction and it leads into the middle which happens to be the darkest part of the picture
Texture. This looks like texture because it kinda looks like a carving out of a tree. And You can also kind of see emotion in the man's eyes.
Vertical and Horizontal lines. Since the picture looks 3D you have lines going everywhere to make up the picture of the house which is empty.
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