Alyssa Corpuz - Color Gallery

This is a primary triadic artwork because it has the primary colors in it which are: Red,Yellow, and Blue. They are the three main colors in this artwork as you can see. By eliminating others.
This piece of accesecory here has a pattern that is a secondary triadic, because if you look at you can see the secondary colors which are orange,green, and purple. Those three colors are secondary.
This is a tertiary artwork because you can see the colors yellow-green and blue-green which are mixed primary and secondary color as how tertiary is defined as.
Tetradic because it has a mixture of primary and secondary colors together.
This artwork is analogous because the colors that are used in this artwork sit right next to each other.
This has the red-green and orange-blue which are colors that are directly opposite from each other that proves that this is a Complementary artwork
Split commentary because the colors are blue in this artwork
This is warm because if you look at the colors there aren't any dark colors within the painting so all the colors being used
Credits: All media
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