Renaissance Woodcuts

The Northern Renaissance was just as important as the Italian Renaissance. It presented new ideas and focused on emotions and minute details in the art. Woodcuts especially were very interesting, they took a lot of time and required great skill to produce such fine lines carved into the wood.

This piece stands out as one of the better woodcuts in my opinion. It captures how hard it really was to create such a piece of art.
This woodcut captures my eye because the trees are very interesting and I thought it would have been difficult to create the spider web.
Golgotha is a very interesting piece. Each part contains a small scene within the piece.
This one seems like it would have been extremely hard to create which is why i love it so much
This is my favorite piece in my gallery, the style of it is very dark and it sends a message of strong emotions.
This is the first woodcut i've seen that uses color, which is why i chose it.
This shows the emotion that the Northern Renaissance tried to portray.
Again, I chose this one due to the amazing details.
This piece is interesting because the print is so lightly done opposed to other woodcuts i have seen.
Alas, the crucifixion. I like this one because of the emotions.
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