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This gallery consists of artwork that focuses on military battles and happenings. 

This WWII painting of a town after being bombed depicts some of the mayhem that took place during this gruesome war. This painting features a few building in which are still standing amongst the rubble. The focal point in which first draws my eyes attention is all of the rubble from the previously standing building. Immediately after, my eyes are drawn to two structures that are still in tact; both being the tower in the distance, and the building closest in the middle of the painting. The artist chose to portray a more vague depiction of the scenario rather than choosing the realism route.
This WWII painting shows a battle in the sky. My eyes are first drawn to the terror fall of the pilot within the plane crashing. This piece specifically shows two Nazi planes being shot down, which normally would be a sign of victory and bring exciting feelings. But, in this case it brings more of a sorrowful feeling to the viewer. This style of artwork normally depicts a undertone of a calming nature scene, whereas this has a very deceivingly gruesome and deadly overtone.
This abstract painting of a bomber crash, has a intriguing movement which shows the true sense of what the artist was trying to communicate. The artist added touches of color and shapes to clearly show the viewer aspects of the scene. But, left much of it to the imagination as to how terrible the crash was behind the flames. With the color choices of this piece, the use of many shades of brown depicts the filth that came with this war. The scene as a whole is dirty and symbolizes how much pollution came from the war, and the pollution within society itself.
In this painting, what is shown is a gorgeous ridge with beautiful clouds in the high skies behind it. What may not be known is the massive casualty count that took place around this area. Thousands of bodies were buried in shallow graves all around the ridge and near the water. What tantalizes my eyes the most about this painting is the clouds. As simple as they may be, I can almost see them moving and being carried by the wind. The ridge itself caries amazing shape and structure with the simple lines added between hills to show the individual steeps on this hill. I see this ridge and the woods below to be an adventurous place as to where there may be many hiding places or areas to discover.
This realistic painting of a soldier peering out at the town in the distance shows a sense of hope for the soldier finally returning home. The clouds (which for me were easily overlooked), are majestic and heavenly. The water below glistens on every wave from the sunshine breaking through the clouds. Even though the majority of this painting is sky, the sky itself is not the main focal point in what draws the attention.
This is a very interesting depiction of a military man in the American Civil War. This painting brings several questions to mind for me. Why is this military portrait showing the man so relaxed rather than showing the usual strict behavior that often came with the time. Hands in pockets, hat tilted to the side, unequal weight placed on his feet, etc. This truly intrigues me as to what exactly is going on within this painting.
There is a lot happening in this painting, and it is hard to tell exactly what all is going on, which is exactly why I chose it. It appears that the blue coats are bringing up the battery while under fire. There is a dead man to the left of the wagon, as well as a man falling off his horse to the right. What brings questions to my mind is why are these specific soldiers being brought within rifle range when typically they would be further back for protection and long range assault. This to me shows the sense of worth there was for individual lives back during the civil war. Marching men in lines to take turns shooting each other down today seems like madness. During this time period, it was like a massive game of chess. This painting itself shows some excellent detail in the horse’s movement and muscle vascularity. Where the grass, sky, and faces of the soldiers have less detail, the horses have an incredible amount of detail.
In The Fall of Palestro, this painting shows a decently large force entering a town for battle. Much detail went into the actual head count of each soldier and showing how they were marched around in masses. Some of the soldiers show a sense of defeat and exhaustion, whereas others show a more strict and ready for battle figure. One thing that draws my eyes is the dark clouds above the town showing all the smoke from burning buildings and the smoke from the gun fire throughout the town.
Here is a photograph of President Lincoln amongst the soldiers and officers of the civil war. What catches my eye about this photograph is how Lincoln and the soldiers to the right of the picture are of straight and strict posture, whereas the soldiers in the left of the picture are standing with a more relaxed posture. The photographer of this picture had a sense of balance for his photography. Fitting all the people within the center portion of the picture, the distance at which the picture was taken, and just the right amount of scenery behind the people.
Here is the assassination of President Lincoln. This painting is a very dark depiction of Lincoln’s assassination. It shows the shooter attempting escape to the top right corner of the painting, and many people surrounding Lincoln still in shock of what has just occurred. Above Lincoln is a withering American flag symbolizing the dying nature of the United States with Lincoln’s death.
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