Works of art and architecture I would like to see in person

These are a collection of some works of art that I have found to be  so astonishing, that I would go out of my way to see these unique treasures in person.

This sculpture is called "Woman with a laundry basket" by Duane Hanson. The realism in sculptor this artist does makes me want to see all his creations. It's hard to believe it is not a real person. He made this using fiberglass. The elements used were full round, form, dimensionality, mass, and color.
This is the statue of Abraham Lincoln. It was created by Daniel Chester French and made using marble. It shows Abraham Lincoln sitting and looking out into his surroundings. I’d like to visit this statue one day not only for it’s size, but to watch the sun as it sets over it. The location of the statue also draws me near, as lots of significant occurrences have taken place there. The sculptor uses space, mass, texture, and form as elements in this work of art.
This architectural wonder is known as The Great Pyramid of Geiza. It was built as tomb for the former pharaoh of Egypt, Khufu. The ancient Egyptians built this structure using stone casings made of limestone. The elements used were scale, dimensions, proportions, form, and space. This structure is a part of history, and I want to see this majestic giant in person to get a real feel for how large this structure is.
This painting is called the Mona Lisa. It was created by Leonardo Da Vinci. He created this painting using oil. He uses form, line, and texture to portray this mystery woman. Id like to see this painting in person because it to me shows the appreciation of natural beauty during those times.
This is the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. It as sculpted by Gutzon and Lincoln Borglum. This creation is made of granite in the mountain where it was carved out of. It shows four presidents: Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt. This contains form, mass, texture, unity, and relief. The style of this sculpture is very realistic. It seems as though those presidents are guardians of the mountains.
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