ART elements

Line- I think this drawing represents line because when you zoom in you can see all the little lines that the artist used. Curved, straight, thick, thin, that when you zoom out creates a drawing.
Space- I think this drawing represents space because this pot is the positive space in the drawing. The space around it, inside of it, and through the handle is the negative space in the drawing.
Form- I think this drawing represents form because You can tell that it is a real 3-d object that has height, width, and depth.
Texture- I think this drawing represents texture because the little squares the artist drew makes it look like a rough surface which is implied texture.
Color- This drawing represents color because it has many different bright hues like pink, green, and blue. It also has very intense colors like that bright pink in it.
Shape- I think this drawing represents shape because all the chairs and bed in the room are geometric shapes because they have been painted to look like someone made them in a factory.
Value-I think this drawing represents value because the blue in the sky has different shades as dark and light. Which is what value is the darkness and lightness of a color.
Credits: All media
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