An exploration of form and movement

Leonardo uses several techniques of linework to give use a sense of value in this anatomy sketch. I like the tight use of crosshatching to accomplish shadow.
The direction and flow of the lines work really well in this piece to portray a sense of movement in dramatic, central characters. Their robes seem to flow in the wind.
Even though it's a sketch, the straight, defined lines of this piece help to frame the architecture of the street as firm, permanent fixtures. Use of implied line is also present.
The lines in this piece denote a lot of motion going on with the dog and the snake. The quick lines in the background and the quick, sketchy lines on the characters portrays the motion effectively.
The linework in this piece does an excellent job at expressing atmospheric perspective. The denser, darker lines in the foreground bring focus away from the wispy, light strokes of the background.
It's not hard at all to pick up on the speed being portrayed in this exciting piece. The main focus is clearly the horse and its rider, but there is a fair amount of detail on the wood in the foreground before it zips off to be a blur in the background.
I think the shifting, light lines in this piece help to portray the organic nature of the scene. The landscape seems to be one, cohesive mass shifting together.
Powerful, dark lines shift the eyes to the most important parts of the study while the more ghostly lines give context. Again, many line techniques are used to give a defined sense of value. I especially like the stippling around the knees.
I enjoy the simple line work done on the ground plane that suggests a gentle breeze.
The lines do a good job of showing the wind coming into the room. The subject seems to be part of the lines of action, suggesting that she's getting out of bed to close the window.
I love the variation of the many kinds of line shown in this piece. The thick, straight, defined lines solidify the form of the house, while the swifter, less substantial lines of the plants up front expresses their organic nature and hints at a breeze.
The use of smooth, circular lines in this piece both highlight the form of the cat and suggest at the shifting of it getting comfortable.
I really enjoy the attention to detail in this sketch. Crosshatching is done to bring value very meticulously.
I found the grass to be the most interesting piece in this sketch. The uneven patches and shifts in elevation are portrayed with much skill.
I think van Gogh did an amazing job with this piece. So much is accomplished with just lines. Many of the forms have their own outlines, but some manage to take shape with just implied lines. The attention to detail on the small branches was the most interesting part to me.
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