Music in Motion - Matthew Borland

This gallery is focused on visual depictions of music, specifically the action of playing or performing music.  This collection is indented to highlight the art of music as a continuous subject across mediums and throughout history.  It contains photographs, sculpture, poetry, and painting examples dating from as far back as 460 BC and up to as recent as 2011.  

This photograph of Louis Armstrong from 1947 captures him in mid song. You can see the physical exertion required for this performance not just in his face but in his body as well.
A musical group performs above the viewer in this piece from the 1600s by Gerrit van Honthorst. Instrumentalists are surrounded by singers clutching parchment and books of music. Some of the musicians look down onto the viewer while others appear fully focused on the performance at hand.
This painting by Ricard Canals creates a feeling of movement with it's texture and patterns. The figure in the foreground plays while the figure in the back dances across the stage.
This painting of a bagpipe player by Henrick ter Brugghen depicts a man putting forth the effort required to play such an instrument. His cheeks are expanded as his lips are pressed against the blow stick while he is leaning forward into the instrument.
A group of carolers perform outside of a home in this piece from the 1900s. The violin and horn player are leaned toward each other as though they are swaying to maintain their rhythm while the singers backs are arched and their heads are tilted back.
This sculpture depicts Krishna performing with a flute. The legs are crossed, the hands positioned upon a note and the arms are poised to lift up the instrument to meet the mouth.
The teacher plays a drum while his students lean in and listen.
This poetry piece from 460 BC depicts what appears to be a drummer and a harp player preparing to perform. Another smaller harp is hanging or floating above the players.
The performers painted by Judith Leyster are each gazing away from the instruments in front of them and off into other directions. Their heads are turned and they appear to be smiling creating a carefree and joyus feeling.
This figure is resting in a plume of smog from the city that becomes a cloud containing a long string of floating piano keys. The right hand is changing from one note to another while the left hand is between notes.
Credits: All media
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