GreEK Art 

By Zachary Smolder

Scenes of combat decorate this neck-amphora. On the front side it shows hero, Theseus battling a minotaur. A minotaur is a monster with the head of a bull and lived in Crete. In this depiction Theseus has plunged his sword, spilling minotaur blood.
On the Interior, hero Bellerophon battles the monster Chimaera. A Chimaera is a fire-breathing creature combined with elements of a lion, snake, and goat. Bellerophon rides his Pegasos into battle but is seen holding the reins in the depiction. While his Pegasos strikes with it's hooves, Bellerophon uses his spear.
In this Athenian black-figure neck-amphora, the Trojan War hero Aeneas is seen lifting his father to safety. Behind them is the goddess, Aphrodite. The painter of this neck amphora even labeled all the characters on the vase. The back of the vase shows Dionysos. This is the god of wine.
The reference that this statue represents is from The Greek epic, "The Odyssey." This sculpture depicts Odysseus escaping under a ram from the cyclops Polyphemus. All that remains is the head. In the story Odysseus escapes by tying himself under a ram and riding it out of the cave.
On one side, this loutrophoros or ritual vase shows Zeus using seduction on mortal women. On the bottom, Zeus as a Swan comes up to Leda. On top, Zeus greets Aphrodite, goddess of Love. All of these depictions are very personified.
Credits: All media
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