MCA 5 Surrealism

"Every age projects its own image in the arts". The surrealist art period was at its height during the 1920'3 and 1930's. This artistic period focused mainly around dream like scenes, and expressing unrealistic terrain and settings. Surrealistic art was also inspired heavily by Freudian Psychology, believing the Ego, Super Ego and the id. Two artists, Paul Nash and Giorgio de Chirico, took lead in this new form of "art". 

This first piece of "art" by Paul Nash depicts a dream like destroyed forest. The odd colors of the destroyed trees and the orange colored hills exemplify the inner sub-conscience of the painter. There is a second meaning to this painting however. World War One was ending just as this painted was painted (1918), and the title suggests that the world had a clean slate to start all over.
This second painting by Nash also portrays a World War One scene. This depressing landscape is depicted in a very nightmarish setting, exploring both dreams and the inner mind simultaneously. This painting also gives the observer a feeling of mystery and skepticism on what specifically happened to make this terrible setting.
This final painting by Nash is also a war scene, but depicts the famous Battle of Britain from World War Two. Whats interesting about this painting is that Nash doesn't actually show any planes, only their contrails, and you still get a sense of what occurred. The landscape is also very odd and dreamlike as it doesn't look realistic, but you can still tell what it is.
This painting by Chirico shows two horsies on a perty little seashore. Although it doesn't display many psychological aspects, this painting could be considered to be very dream like. It makes you wonder why there are horses there. There also appears to be a destroyed classical style building in the background. It could possibly be symbolizing the fall of classical artistic styles.
This second painting by Chirico has surrealism written all over it. It shows a small girl running through a street. It is meant to put out a depressing feeling, evoking your inner thought. This odd scene is also very dreamlike in the fact the setting it rather odd with its distinct colors and large extending building on the left of the painting.
This final painting by Chirico shows a very odd interior of a building. The focal point is consisted of a whole bunch of objects mashed up together. This odd dream like setting take a characteristic of a lot of the new artistic movements; nothing simply makes sense in this painting. "Umm, Giorgio honey, why is there a whole bunch of broken furniture in the living room?" "Let me focus on my art, darling.".
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