Perspective of our World

This is just an art gallery to celebrate and appreciate our planet, our Earth, our home.

This is a photograph of where all 7 billion of us human-beings reside, right now. Sometimes it is good to take a step back and look at the "Big Picture".
This quilt embodies the nations of our world seamlessly. Every country has its flag embedded within its borders bringing every country together through the intertwining of the string used to make it.
This painting is of elephants wandering and mingling with no worries whatsoever. I also noticed the sun shining a light over the land showcasing our earth's beauty.
To me this piece shows how our world has its beautiful side and also its dark side. It helps me realize how home can be beautiful but to not take it for granted.
In this photograph, you can see how vast and majestic the canyon is in comparison to the people on the horses. The people and horses look puny and that's not even the whole cliff because it's cut off.
I love this work of art because you can feel the movement of the small waterfall. There's a certain serenity to this painting and it makes me appreciate the nature that this world has to offer.
This painting shows a newspaper company giving that day's newspaper to the paperboys. I feel like newspapers have kept the world together by informing us about what is going on in our word.
This photograph strikes a chord with me because it shows the beauty of Antarctica. It worries me because due to global warming, these glaciers are starting to disappear.
This photograph shows a wall that is painted to reflect as the marriage of land and sky. I feel like it is humans trying to turn a border that separates us into something of beauty.
This painting shows the calming and soothing place where land and sea meets. This reminds me of an island and paradise.
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